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Modern Layer Steamer
First, we would like to thanks all our customers who have purchased our steamers and give full support to us. Not to forget, is our dedicated chef who has created a lot of new dishes to teach our customers.
In this modern living lifestyles people are busy working, eating habits have change and no time to cook.
This product is a good product for every family. It is healthy and nutritious. Just 20 minutes you can enjoy 3 dishes 1 rice and 1 soup. Let's see the best of steaming.
i-chef series
  • Euro Sauce Pan with lid (ICS - 26ES)
  • For frying
  • For less steaming time, use Euro Sauce Pan
  • Deep steamer with holes (ICS - 26WH)
  • Use as making Hainanese chicken rice
Quick & Easy cooking with i-chef
Whip quick dishes in 20minutes!!!
It's really easy. The bottom pot can be used to boil soup, which also can steam with the four layers. The taste will not mixed cos' the steam flows from the side holes. If you have friends over, why not make snacks? This steamer is great for making lovely dumplings(pau) and kuih as well because there is no water dripping from the lid. This will not makes the food soggy.
Season & Stuff
Each layer of the steamer comes with a storage lid designed to make cooking super practical. Simply season the chicken and cover with the storage lid and store in the fridge. The next day, take out the steamer layer and steam it.
Save Energy
With i-chef everything is stacked so you'll be saving on your electricity bills for sure.
  • Time, Money and Energy Saving
  • Healthy & Waterless Cooking
  • Fatless Cooking
  • Practical & Fast - Cooks within 20minutes
  • Preserves the natural taste and firm texture of food
  • Prolongs food storage at a warm temperature
  • Highly conductive base absorbs and retains heat efficiently
  • Unique high dome lid provides efficient steam circulation and prevents soggy food
  • Keeps environment clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • Impact bonding based
  • Weight 9Liter (ICS- 9J) - 8 kg, 7Liter(ICS-7S) - 7.8kg
  • Height 9Liter - 61cm, 7Liter - 57cm
  • Large bakelite handle and knob ( Heat resistant)
  • Appointment for Home Parties
  • Organises cooking shows by celebrity chef
  • Free product consultation
  • Free recipes updates
  • Spareparts ( knob & Handle ) warranty 1 year
  • Ezy-Payment 0% interest Free with selected credit cards ( Maybank, HSBC, CIMB)
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