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Stainless Steel Wok is a common cookware in all homeowners.? It can use for lifetime. No coating and No worry. But many consumers are being fooled by market traders with the low price of Stainless Steel. Because of the materials & thickness, the cheap stainless steel cookware gets burn easily during cooking. Now, choose a better cookware and cook with peace of mind with I-chef Platinum wok.
NOW!! Why you choose I-chef 5ply 18/10 Platinum Stainless Steel Wok?
I-chef high quality Stainless Steel wok is durable, resists denting and holds its shiningness even after years of using.
Environmental Friendly
I-chef Platinum Wok 21st Century German designed with thick Semi Flat base that can fits all cookers. Its semi flat base transmits heat fast and guarantees its optimal heat spread over the entire wok. This saves energy and time as you can use medium low heat and it cuts your cooking time.
Ease of Mind
Every I-chef cookware comes with warranty. It has a durable stainless steel grip handle. I-chef has the assurance and commitment to our customers on the quality of our products.
Healthy & Peace of Mind
Hygienic Materials, Non-Reactive, Non-Porous DoesnĄ¯t corrode when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients such as lemon juice, wine, and vinegar.There is nothing more important than ensuring that the food prepared for our family is safe and healthy surface.
It is suitable for any kind of cooking method using any types of ingredients except for baking chicken fully coated with lots of salt. Salt is corrosive and baking on stainless steel will cause pitting on the surface of the wok.
I-chef Platinum Wok VS Others

  • This warranty covers any manufacturing defects of the product
  • The warranty does not cover wear and tear from normal use of the cookware as well as any misuse of item.
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