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Leong Hsick Hui
(Mrs Yap)
Vegetarian Cooking Teacher
Mrs Yap has a vast experience of more than 20 years in the field of cuisines.
Her excellence in culinary skills has brought him many awards and honours.
Mrs. Yap has been published several popular and marvellous cookbooks which are

  • Great Vegetarian Cuisines
  • co-published cookbooks: [ Kuih-Muih Delights Vol.1 ], [ Kuih-Muih Delights Vol.2 ], [ Soup of the day ] and etc.
Contributes to regular vegetarian columns in
  • Famous Cuisine
  • Yum Yum Magazine
  • Feminine Oriental Cuisine
Her recipes are always published in food magazine and all major newspapers. She also has been invited to many cooking competitions as judges.
She has been conducting cooking classes for more than 15 years. Presently she is conducting cooking classes at Jalan San Peng Zone C Rukun Tertangga and several ingredients shops on a regular basis.
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Mrs Yap Recipes