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Celebrity Chef Amy Beh
  1. Steamed Fragrant Pork Slices with Mui Choy
  2. Steamed Stuffed Chicken Wings with Assorted Fungus
  3. Steamed Fish with Ginseng
Celebrity Chef Ismail
  1. Otak Otak Purba
Chef Margaret Cheng
  1. Appetising Mixed Kerabu 杂锦开胃沙拉
  2. Appetizing, Nutritious and Harmony Soup 合家庆团圆
  3. Aromatic Chicken Flavoured Rice 万家香鸡饭
Chef Philip Yoong
  1. Loh Hong Chye 发财团圆
  2. Steam Chicken Drumstick Rice蒸美味鸡饭
  3. Steam Chicken Drumstick with Salted咸鱼蒸鸡腿
Celebrity Chef Raman
  1. Lamb Kurma
Chef Mrs Yap
  1. Golden Treasure Dumplings黄金饺子
  2. Happy Together 一团和气
  3. Mix Fresh Hot Pot金玉满堂鲜火锅
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